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Wisdom Trail District Leadership

Wisdom Trail District Leadership

Key 3

District Executive: Rusty Klosterman
District Chairman: Dianne Duron
District Commissioner: Suzie McKown

District Committee

The Wisdom Trail District Committee is responsible for carrying out four standard functions in support of units within the district: membership, finance, program, and unit service.

The membership function strives for growth through the organization of new Scouting units and growth through new members joining existing units.

The finance function ensures that the district provides its fair share of funds to the total council operating budget.

The program function concentrates on helping Scouting units with camp promotion; special activities, including community service; training adult volunteers; and youth advancement and recognition.

The unit service function provides direct coaching and consultation by district volunteers for unit adults to help ensure the success of every Scouting unit.

The membership, finance, and program functions are carried out by members of the district committee. The unit service function is carried out by the commissioner staff.

District Vice Chairman Finance Mike Schepps
FOS Community Chair Tim Maiden
FOS Family Chair Catherine McKinney
District Vice Chairman LDS David Patterson
Activities Chair Vacant
Cub-O-Ree Gerald Watson
Cub-O-Ree Co-Chair Derek Wirgau
Fishing Derby Tony Gibson
Scouting for Food Judy Dickerson
Camp Cards Bettie George
Popcorn Captain Melissa Attaway
Day Camp Director Suzie McKown
Day Camp Program Director Don Heinen
Religious Emblem Jeff Conrad
Advancement Chair Marcus Ludwig
Eagle Vacant
Venturing George DeLacerda
LDS David Griesinger
LDS Agnes Monzingo
Camping Chair Tim Raven
Order of the Arrow Advisor Brian McGinley
Fall Camporee District Committee
Webelos N Woods District Committee
Spring Camporee District Committee
Membership Chair Ed Darrell
Publicity & Marketing Chair Tammy Schriver
Webmaster Jeff Mathes
Risk Management Chair Andy Easterling
Training Chair Tim Skidmore
BALOO Training Coordinator Vacant
IOLS Training Coordinator Brian Henson
Oak Leaf Skills Coordinator Brian McGinley
Wisdom Trail Commissioners  
District Commissioner Suzie McKown
Asst DC - P/T 355 Ed Darrell
Asst DC - T/T/C 293 & 782 Lisa Earl
Asst DC - P/T1/C3/T1141 Dan Reel
Unit Commissioners  
P126/T786 Melissa Attaway
P/T193 Jody Goldman
T/T/C486 Tom Goudie
T/T/C357 Santiago Jimenez
P/T89 David Largent
P789/T109/T520 Brian McGinley
P/T541/P785 Gregg McKinney
P140 Joel Porter
P520/P786/P/T493 Tammy Schriver
T140 Tim Skidmore
P239/357/486/782 Rosa Juarez
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Joel Porter
Staff George DeLacerda
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Debie Franz
Venturing Roundtable Commissioner Tom Goudie