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Recharter Clinic

Recharter Clinic

What all does it take to complete on-line Recharter? What all is required? What are the typical snags that keep Recharters from being completed? What is required to fully submit a Recharter? Come find out.

BALOO Training

BALOO Training


Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation

BALOO training :

·         Is the first step in the BSA outdoor training program

·         Targeted for the Cub Scout leader/parent who is not

already part of a Pack leadership team. Similar to the

person in charge of a pinewood derby, Blue and Gold

banquet, or other special Pack activity.

·         Does not replace any existing training

·         Upon completion, participants will understand the focus

Oak Leaf Skills

Oak Leaf Skills

Oak Leaf Skills is a program led by OA Lippoe Chapter youth members and is designed to prepare Scouts for leadership roles within their troop.  The course incorporates skill elements from the Trail to First Class with fun and challenging leadership development games and contests.  


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