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2018 Fuel Your Adventure

2018 Fuel Your Adventure




Top Sellers for 2017

Below are the Top 100 sellers in Circle Ten Council, based on submissions received. (* indicates a Top District Seller, as well). Total sales for these Scouts were a combined $286,087!

Scout District Unit
*Nahum  D Golden Arrow Troop 714
Rickie  W Golden Arrow Troop 1776
*Ethan  H Iron Horse Crew 178
*Tanner  K Northern Trail Troop 570
*Brian  S Eastern Skies Pack 852
*Austin  K Lone Star Troop 310
*Alfred  E Iron Horse Pack 754
*Charles  T Blackland Prairie Pack 730
Ford  F Blackland Prairie Pack 838
*Rylan  S Southern Star Pack 449
Wyatt   K Southern Star Pack 449
*Keller  R North Star Troop 787
*Noah  F Northern Lights Troop 226
*Wyatt  M East Trinity Trails Pack 304
*Ryan  S Duck Creek Troop 1020
Corbin  C Eastern Skies Pack 839
*Ben  M Blackland Prairie Troop 718
*Caiden  B Five Trails Pack 820
Shawn  M Golden Arrow Troop 1776
*Ryan  M North Star Pack 758
Lawrence  H East Trinity Trails Pack 939
Noah  F Blackland Prairie Pack 59
Nathaneal  K Golden Arrow Troop 1776
Logan  W North Star Troop 753
Noah  Z North Star Pack 713
*Trevor  R White Oak Troop 6220
*Juan  P Duck Creek Pack 243
Luke  S Iron Horse Pack 380
*William  K Two Rivers Troop 6002
*Jack  W Northern Lights Pack 1220
*Henry   M Tejas Caddo Pack 862
Jackson  M East Trinity Trails Pack 528
Taiting  Z Blackland Prairie Pack 730
Jamie  D Duck Creek Troop 1989
Tomas  B Iron Horse Pack 278
michael  d Eastern Skies Pack 852
Brian   W Eastern Skies Pack 1115
Tommy  L Northern Lights Troop 226
Adam  F North Star Pack 114
Levi  H Iron Horse Pack 920
*Caleb  M White Oak Pack 6017
Lane  S Iron Horse Pack 380
*Noah  M Texas Skies Pack 426
Sean   W Golden Arrow Troop 1000
*Klay  Y Northern Trail Pack 895
*William  S Mustang Pack 2510
*Braxton  S Golden Arrow Pack 2008
Connor  R Iron Horse Pack 902
Benjamin  E Golden Arrow Pack 1776
Kaleb  S Northern Lights Troop 226
Ethan  C Tejas Caddo Pack 862
Brayden  A Northern Lights Pack 226
Holden  M Blackland Prairie Pack 730
Samuel  B Northern Lights Troop 221
Luke  D Iron Horse Pack 380
Garrett  H Northern Lights Pack 226
Zachary  B East Trinity Trails Pack 1783
Ozzy  A Northern Trail Pack 570
Andrew  D Northern Trail Troop 719
Ryan  B North Star Pack 114
Benjamin  R Blackland Prairie Pack 59
Cash  M Texas Skies Pack 378
Nate  K Iron Horse Pack 380
August   P Tejas Caddo Pack 862
Darren   B North Star Pack 749
Ethan  E Iron Horse Pack 946
William  M Blackland Prairie Troop 730
*Dalton   P Lone Star Pack 496
Kai  S Golden Arrow Pack 1789
Kaiden  F Iron Horse Pack 902
Chase  B North Star Pack 1213
Truman  D Northern Lights Pack 1220
Zak  B Northern Trail Pack 871
Armin  J Lone Star Pack 910
Brayden  B East Trinity Trails Pack 528
Lucas  C Blackland Prairie Pack 838
Ephraim  W Northern Trail Troop 570
Tyler  C Duck Creek Troop 1978
Kyle   N East Trinity Trails Pack 939
Dalton  H East Trinity Trails Pack 528
Augie  S Northern Trail Pack 570
Talan  P Lone Star Pack 910
Aiden  F Duck Creek Troop 1020
Dominic  D Northern Trail Pack 719
Tyler  M White Oak Pack 6017
Wade  G Blackland Prairie Pack 59
Ayaan  P North Star Pack 758
Jack  S East Trinity Trails Pack 386
Jacob  B East Trinity Trails Pack 304
Andrew   C East Trinity Trails Pack 896
Joshua  C East Trinity Trails Pack 896
Chance  D North Star Troop 787
Kenston  W Iron Horse Pack 278
Preston  W Iron Horse Pack 278
Jeffery  T Tejas Caddo Pack 56
Preston  L Golden Arrow Pack 2008
Champ  L East Trinity Trails Pack 939
Lucas  F Duck Creek Pack 1978
Dane   B Duck Creek Pack 243
David  H East Trinity Trails Pack 314



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